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Contact Angel Vet - At Home Pet Euthanasia now so that you can prepare yourself for the end of life process. We will discuss with you the at home euthanasia process and end of life service choices during our consultation.


About Angel Vet

At Angel Vet we know that pets are family. They deserve honor and respect throughout their lifetime and especially at the end of life. We believe that in home-euthanasia is very important because it provides a peaceful passing for them and a less stressful situation for the family as well. At the end of a pet’s lifetime, they may be very sick, weak, painful, or confused. Many pets are experiencing all of these. When it is time to say good-bye, they should be in the comfort of home where the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar to them.

About the Home Euthanasia Process

For your pet to experience the most peaceful transition at the end of life, we will follow the following process:

Dr. Alexis will come to your home as previously discussed during the phone consultation. She will help your pet begin to relax with the first shot. The first shot is a pain medication, which allows your pet to relax and relieves any pain or anxiety. While your pet relaxes, it is important for you to be close to them. We will then take a few moments to confirm the cremation choice, sign the forms, and take care of the payment.

When your pet is ready, and when all family members are ready, Dr. Alexis will give the shot of euthanasia medicine. This shot puts your pet to sleep in the most humane and peaceful way possible. After your pet has passed, we will transport your pet immediately. They will be cremated at All Pets Great and Small Cremation Service in Mesa.

Pet UrnsIf you choose individual cremation, our courier service will deliver your pet’s ashes to you in 2 to 3 weeks. Ashes are returned in a cedar wood urn with your pet’s name engraved on a gold nameplate. 

When we accept a pet into our lives, we know that one day we will have to decide when the time is right to relieve them from pain or illness. If your pet has been diagnosed with an incurable illness that takes away the quality of life, or if your pet’s day is full of senior moments where they are confused or sad, then it may be time to end their suffering with in home euthanasia. You may see that your pet has more bad days than good days, or you may be seeing the following changes:

  • Your Pet has lost interest in food
  • Your Pet is no longer able to go to the bathroom without accidents or falling down
  • Your Pet is no longer greeting you when you come home
  • Your Pet is no longer patrolling the yard or protecting their territory the way they once did
  • Your Cat has stopped grooming themselves
  • Your Dog no longer wags it’s tail
  • Your Pet isolates themselves from the people or other pets in the home

If you know this difficult decision is approaching, give Angel Vet a call now so that you can prepare for the process. We will answer your questions about home euthanasia and discuss cremation and end of life service choices. By learning more about your pet’s condition and illness, we can also help you decide whether it is truly time to say good bye.

Phone: (602) 819-0655

Home euthanasia with group cremation  (no ashes returned) $420

Home euthanasia with individual cremation and ashes returned home in cedar urn $600


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Contact Angel Vet a call now so that you can prepare yourself for the end of life process. We will discuss with you the at home euthanasia process and end of life service choices either via phone or email. We will also answer any questions you have regarding your pet’s condition or illness. Call or complete the contact form below.